At ROCHONCHOU WEALTH MANAGEMENT, LLC (RWM) our mission is very much aligned with people of every walk of life.  Whether a business owner to an employee, a friend to a friend or a parent to a child, protecting and enhancing the lives of those we care about is what we do.  It is our mission that drives the unsurpassed personal care and service that clients have come to know and what has become the hallmark of our organization.


HealthcareAs a business owner you are committed to the health and well being of your employees and you are also committed to the success and well being of your business. Health insurance can be intimidating. There are thousands of plans available, and each one varies in coverage and price. That is why we are here to help find the right plan for you and your business and to provide solutions to meet your employees' needs and your budget. Let us help you build a healthy future for your company!


401K Qualified Plan Consulting:  RWM provides fiduciary and risk management assistance to our clients with regard to their company's qualified retirement/401k plan.  At RWM, our advisory services team will work with plan Trustees and Fiduciaries to maximize the value of your existing vendor while continuing to monitor vendors for your plan to insure the reasonableness of fees and service provided.  Additionally, we will monitor plan investments and conduct an analysis of your current fund lineup and recommend fund changes when necessary, review diversification of the plan assets, conduct regular plan reviews with your plans' investment committee and provide employee education.


Insurance Planning: RWM will assist in the review of risk applicable to your particular situation, based on your current needs, your goals, the assets you have in place today and the insurance programs that you have available to you at this time. With that in mind, RWM will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your Life, Disability and Long Term Care Planning needs. 


Wealth Management:  Enhancing the lives of those we love through Creating, Growing, Keeping and Transferring Wealth through a very individualized process that manages your financial resources, taking into consideration not only your fiscal situation, but your personal, business and family dreams, goals and desires is the ultimate goal of RWM.  Our planning process focuses on developing a clear picture of your unique needs and goals, and leads to a personalized action plan that aligns solutions with those goals.